HELL YEAH, Are you a thrill seeker too?! - Then welcome to Light Rae Exposures! I’m Marissa, a destination and travel photographer for lovers and adventurers wanting a non-traditional experience. I’m creating a new norm of doing whatever the heck your heart desires. This is a space where we encourage you to unleash your creativity, let your imagination soar and explore your wildest dreams. Together, we can break free from the constraints, say ‘EFF IT’ to traditional timelines and expectations and open ourselves up to new possibilities. By embracing what feels right, we can unlock our true potential and achieve our goals. So, let's welcome our inner free spirits and see where our dreams take us.

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Where all souls are welcome to seek thrills and adventure together wildly.

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My name is Marissa Rae and I am fueled by good vibes, adventure, and going with the flow. I may sound like a hippie with a gypsy soul, but I'm a little more complicated than that.

Let me introduce myself, a little crash course on me!

I was born and raised in Colorado, so I'm a little bit country and a little bit city. I love fashion and being flashy, but on the flip side, I also enjoy a good hike, a good story, and a good time. I have a rebel heart and I'm free-spirited, and I love to find beauty, art, and music in everyday life. You can find me just about anywhere, as I'm a "YES!" type of person. I follow my heart and pick a direction to go. I love meeting new people, visiting new places, and learning from every experience I can soak up. You might find me on top of a mountain, doing yoga on a paddleboard, or sipping a margarita on the beach. I also enjoy training dogs, riding horses, line dancing, and even dropping it low at the club or if I'm not out and about, you'll find me at home doing DIY projects and tapping into my creative side. However, don't get it twisted - my true self will always be headbanging at a metal concert and screaming at the top of my lungs. Everything I do has the same goal - to find beauty in everyday life and turn it into art. I strive for a deeper connection and approach everything with my whole heart. Photography is my personal way of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

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Movement, emotions and documentary style for rebel souls.

There's always a story, but the ones you want to listen to and play on repeat are told with skill. They evoke emotions, convey movement, and paint vivid pictures of unfolding documentaries that you can retell, listen to, and revisit. This is Light Rae's goal, style, and passion. Through candid photos, movement, and emotion, I use my photography to create your story, adding spice and making it fun and personalized to you. I create beauty in every adventure and milestone, so you can cherish the memories for a lifetime.

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