Creating and experiencing emotions has always been a beautiful gift, but being able to showcase them is a luxury that everyone should have. As an empathetic soul, I not only feel my own emotions but also pick up on those of others in the room, and I artistically portray them from the start, all the way to your final gallery, in a documentary fashion. I help all my clients feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera with action-based and emotion-provoking prompts, so you can feel and relive the moments from the day in your head.

Are you looking for photos that you can feel? ā†’

Memories fade, but photos help you remember, relive, and feel forever.

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With dreams of becoming a photographer and with a camera always in hand, Light Rae Exposures was established in 2011. Fueled by a love for fashion and the art of capturing and creating beautiful moments, my goal has always been to bring out the beauty in everyone and show how the world sees them through moments frozen in time.

More often than not, we are too hard on ourselves, and it has been proven that others see us better than we see ourselves. I aspire to be the light, to show a different way, a different angle, and to look through a different lens. My background in modeling has given me the experience and insight to be the best photographer in directing my vision and getting people into flattering poses that have you saying DAMN Iā€™M HOT! Yes, you are! Believe it!

With Lightroom and Photoshop at my disposal, I perfect and create my art with muted tones and a wide contrast of colors to create a crisp, clean and moody, romantic style. I have always had a bleeding heart for others and a desire to help those in need. I have taken the non-traditional path in everything I do in life, and while it used to bring shame, I am proud to be seen as different.

finding beauty is what I do, are you ready to join me? ā†’

The story of when Light Rae was born

Leo-Virgo cusp

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Where did I grow up?

If I had a super power it would be?

healer  (bring things back to life)

i really want to?

jump out of an airplane
swim with orcas
bungyJump off a bridge

how well do you know me?

  • See an Orca
  • Hike a Volcano and eat a pizza at the top
  • Paddleboard in the Ocean
  • Iceland
  • Skydive
  • Crowd Surf
  • Ride a horse on the beach
  • Ride a camel through the desert

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