Branding Session at The Denver Botanical Gardens

Branding Session at The Denver Botanical Gardens

To this day this is still one of my favorite branding sessions. You can never go wrong with choosing your backdrop to be in the drop dead gorgeous garden in the middle of Denver.

The first steps in my branding session is deep diving into your businesses strengths, weaknesses and creating a game plan to attract your ideal client that aligns with your brand with beautiful photos to share all over social media, website, blogs and all the creative content.

Amy is a health and wellness coach and she wanted updated photos for her business that reflected her brand and attracted her ideal client. Her clientele is for women that love adventure, travel, nature and just want to enjoy life without the burden of IBS. Naturally, I suggested a handful of beautiful locations that would be ideal but we both agreed that The Denver Botanical Gardens is the best place for her branding photos.

Location was locked and loaded so next was coming up with the mood board shot list. We did a one hour power session and knocked out headshots, day in the life photos and I guided her in poses to to reflect healthy habits and mindset to bring the confidence to change your eating habits to live a more fulfilled life and break through the chains of IBS.

February 10, 2024


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As an empathetic soul, I not only feel my own emotions but also pick up on those of others in the room, and I artistically portray them from the start, all the way to your final gallery, in a documentary fashion. I help all my clients feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera with action-based and emotion-provoking prompts, so you can feel and relive the moments from the day in your head.

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