Top 10 Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Top 10 Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Personalize your wedding day!

This one sounds easy but it can be a real challenge for couples when they have everyone else’s wants and needs in your ears. Don’t let others stand in the way of YOUR big day with the love that YOU found and nourished. At the end of the day this is about you and your love. Period. Leave that on business. I said what I said…now let’s talk about the endless ways to personalize your wedding day from the decor, sentimental items added into your wedding. You can pick and choose any traditions you want to keep in your wedding timeline. You can make your own traditions.

Plan ahead!

Minimize your stress and butterflies & plan ahead. Who wants to stress, coordinate & solve problems are your wedding day? Not you, this isn’t what you paid for and what your day is all about. The getting ready process is crucial to your day running smoothly and where a lot of time gets used up. There has been weddings where the vow books, rings, dress, tux were forgotten. Learn from their mistakes and have everything ready to go. Make a list, check it twice and do everything you can before hand for a stress free experience. Steam your attire the day before & save time the day of. I always ask my couples to have all their details all in one box so I can start with that when I arrive at the venue. I had a bride once raise the bar and had all her details boxed and labeled with sticky notes on where they go after I am done taking pictures of them. “Groom, reception decor, brides room ect.” Super helpful, one less thing I have to bug you about on who is responsible for these items when I am done with them. Don’t forget the important little details on who will be setting up, who is taking care of your fur babies and everything in between. The unexpected always happens but it never hurts to try and get count all your ducks so you know if any or missing and what to do with any new ones that come your way. Things that eat up time, Steam dresses, iron the suits

Steam your wedding attire.

This still falls under the plan ahead category but steaming your attire the day before is a life saver the day of. Have your entire bridal party steam their attire so all that needs to be done the day of is touch up steaming. Each dress and shirt can take up to 10 minutes to steam. Save that time for literally anything else! Have everything already steamed and dressed-for the wedding day you just need light little touch ups.

Allow Ample Time To Get Ready

Someone or something becomes the reason that the timeline may fall behind. Plan buffer time into your timeline. This way you won’t feel any pressure with times on your wedding day.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast

& have snacks on hand. You and your wedding party will be so

Create A Pre Ceremony Playlist

Create a Pre-Ceremony Playlist

Start orchestrating the perfect vibe for your wedding day! As you’re getting ready, let your favorite hits play, energizing you and your bridal party. It’s a fun way to set the mood! This magic extends to when your guests arrive and find their seats. Your big day deserves the perfect soundtrack from the very start. Every detail counts, and music is the ultimate mood-setter! So, crank up those tunes and let the celebration begin!

Embrace the Unexpected

Embrace the unexpected on your wedding day because that’s where the real magic happens! Those surprise moments and little mishaps? They’re the secret sauce for unforgettable memories. Whether it’s a spontaneous dance-off, a burst of laughter, or a surprise guest appearance, these twists add a unique charm and authenticity to your celebration. Forget stressing over perfection; roll with the punches and let the unexpected bring extra joy and spontaneity to your special day. I’ve seen it all: grooms forgetting their suits, vows left behind, dresses at the hotel, and even rainy days turning into the most romantic, photo-worthy moments ever. It’s those unscripted, quirky moments that make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind!

Spend Time Together & The Way You Want To

This is your day after all. I want you to make it all about you and what you want! Here are some spunky, non-traditional suggestions for you can spend time together on their wedding day.

First Look Adventure: Skip the traditional first look and instead, meet at a fun, offbeat location like an arcade, a quirky café, or even a rooftop with a stunning view. Make it an adventure you’ll never forget!

Sneak Away for a Mini Date: Steal a few moments for just the two of you. Sneak out to a nearby food truck for your favorite snack, take a short walk in a nearby park, or find a quiet corner to share a private toast.

Have a Dance-Off: Create your own spontaneous dance floor moment. Whether it’s in the middle of a field, a hallway, or even the parking lot, let loose and enjoy a private dance-off to your favorite tunes.

Get Creative Together: Set up a small art station with paints or markers and a big canvas. Spend a few minutes creating a joint masterpiece that you can cherish forever.

Capture the Candid Moments: Hire a roving photographer to follow you around for an hour, capturing candid, real-life moments as you interact, laugh, and enjoy your day. These will be some of your most cherished photos.

Host a Private Vow Exchange: Find a secluded spot away from the crowd to exchange personal vows, just the two of you. It could be under a favorite tree, by the water, or in a cozy nook of your venue.

Take a Joyride: Rent a cool vintage car, scooter, or even bicycles and take a quick spin around the block. It’s a fun way to break away from the crowd and enjoy a moment of freedom together.

Game On: Set up a mini game station with your favorite board games or video games. Challenge each other to a quick game and let your competitive sides shine.

Stargazing Moment: If your wedding extends into the evening, take a moment to step outside and gaze at the stars together. It’s a peaceful, romantic break from the festivities.

Craft Cocktails Together: Set up a DIY cocktail station and mix up your own signature drinks. Have fun experimenting with flavors and toasting to your new adventure together.

Remember, it’s your day—embrace the unexpected, have fun, and make it uniquely yours!

Take time walking down the aisle- soak it all in

Soak it in, smile at your guests or keep your eyes locked on your love down at the alter waiting for you. Live in the moment, this is an important one. Feel all the feels, it is all gravy. I have seen newly weds dance down the aisle, run down the aisle to walking to the beat of the chosen song. Do you boo. This is your moment.

Have Cater Set Aside food for you

This is important. Make sure to talk with your cater on what you would like after the ceremony and a great place for them to set it. You will be hungry and you don’t want to miss out on your delicious cocktail hour food and drinks.

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