Sunrise amphitheater summer wedding looking over the boulder landscape in their wedding attire


Carly & Freddie | Wedding At Sunrise Amphitheater

Carly & Freddie | Wedding At Sunrise Amphitheater

Carly & Freddie got married on a July summer afternoon. As all the guests were arriving by car or the shuttle service it started to rain in typical Colorado fashion for the afternoon showers we are famous for. They never last long but I did have reassure the bride not to stress that her day is still going to perfect even if there is a little rain on her day that brings good luck! My all time favorite wedding galleries had a little rain in their day. The rain brings deep blue skies and leaves the ground so green and contrasting..the final images are just to die for! Keep scrolling to see a sneak peak into their wedding gallery.

The day was full of so many beautiful emotions. Happy tears & laughs shared with their friends and family. You truly felt the magic and love in the air. With a drizzle while they got ready to a sunny ceremony the lightening of their wedding day was a photographers dream to capture the unfolding moments.

For a full guide on getting married at this stunning Boulder location check out my blog Guide to Getting Married At Sunrise Amphitheater

April 23, 2024


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