classy in black editorial maternity session at a Denver Studio with natural lightening.


A Classy Editorial Studio Maternity

A Classy Editorial Studio Maternity

Studio sessions are one of my all favorites. I know, I am always over here repping being outside, always on an adventure and you love studio sessions?? Why yes! Its another adventure in its own!

Studio sessions allow for an area to change into different outfits and roll in your props and accessories and we get to play dress up while being creative in a controlled environment! I have shot many sessions at the naturally lit, Studio One and it is always top of my list for any occasion with the white walls and different furniture to move around and play with! Around the holidays there is always a special pop up set that you can utilize as well! In Adelina & Omars case we weren’t shooting around any holidays and that was perfect for us!

They wanted a simple white background to go for a business classy maternity vibe in the first half of our session before changing into a more comfy casual outfit to capture the documentary lifestyle photos for a complete end gallery!

Outfit One: Business Classy Editorial

Black on black 🖤

It is amazing what creativity starts flowing with a simple and classy wardrobe that can be added to or taken away.

Being in all black there are so many ways we could break down this outfit alone! Take off the blazer and you have a different look, take his shirt off, now we are getting more spicy that adds to the editorial style.

I love how they brought light accessories to accent the vibe they were going for with pearls and a gold chain. If you know me, you know I rave about adding pearls to any outfit!

Props: Sunglasses! Perfect yet simple item to bring along to play around with. This is perfect to give your hands something to do in photos!

Outfit Two: The Switch Up

Her: Black dress, simple chain jewelry Him: black button up dress shirt, took off the chain & watch

Every women knows the importance of that one black dress in her closet that you can wear to any occasion, dress it up or down. It is a staple!

Adelina dressed her dress up with a minimalist double chain while Omar took off his accessories & just let her shine as he switched up his look.

Romantic, classy, you feel the emotion!

OUTFIT THREE: Casual Comfy

Who isn’t down to make sweats and your home attire look good on camera?!

Grab your comfy clothes, make an outfit and we can capture the lifestyle documentary style photos. Studio One, has a minimalistic bed we can roll out and put anywhere to create this vibe!

February 7, 2024


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As an empathetic soul, I not only feel my own emotions but also pick up on those of others in the room, and I artistically portray them from the start, all the way to your final gallery, in a documentary fashion. I help all my clients feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera with action-based and emotion-provoking prompts, so you can feel and relive the moments from the day in your head.

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