Brainard Lake Elopement in the beginning of Colorado summer in June. Groom is rocking the classy white tux


Reasons To Elope In Colorado

Reasons To Elope In Colorado

Eloping in Colorado is not just a wedding choice; it’s a kickass, unforgettable adventure that’ll have you saying, “I do” with style and edge. Check out why eloping in the Centennial State is the ultimate way to tie the knot:

Brainard Lake summer elopement. White wedding dress, white tux

Adventure Awaits You

Calling all thrill-seekers from the city to the mountains! Colorado isn’t just a wedding destination; it’s a jaw-dropping canvas of majestic mountains, dreamy valleys, and tranquil lakes from little mountain towns to the big city of Denver to find fun activities that you and your love will have stories to tell for a lifetime. Colorado is your playground! Whether you’re shredding the slopes, hiking to new heights, or just getting lost in the wilderness, this is no ordinary wedding—it’s an adventure-packed celebration. Get ready for a wedding surrounded by scenes so epic, even Mother Nature would give it a standing ovation. Colorado calls for all the thrill-seekers!

    Create a city or mountain adventure. This isn’t just about saying your vows, snapping some photos and calling it a day. Let’s celebrate your love with a thought out adventure that screams you. Think of a really fun vacation and the activities you would want to include but its your elopement and you will have an epic photographer to capture your entire day. I encourage you to break out of the norm and do something that hasn’t been done before, follow the beat of your own hearts desires! Your life, your love, your customized timeline for your wedding day! That is the beauty of elopements. No rules, you create the traditions. Take and pick from them like its a buffet.

    Seasons as Diverse as Your Love:

    Pick your flavor! Winter wonderlands, vibrant spring blossoms, sun-soaked summers, or the fiery hues of fall—the Colorado climate serves up the perfect backdrop for your epic love story, no matter the season. Everyone knows that we have unpredictable seasons. I’ve had a snow storm of a wedding in May to 60 degree February sunshine. Know your tastes, do your research and pick a date that checks all the boxes. You always have to be more prepared in the mountains as the weather travels faster over the tops and is known for afternoon storms but clears up fast.

    Winter: Overall, winters in Colorado are characterized by colder temperatures, snow fall, and the potential for sunny days. There is generally more snowfall in the mountains which is why certain desired locations become blocked off for car access during these times from Nov-June. You have to keep up to date on the road access. Closed roads do make for a perfect opportunity to have more privacy and engage in the winter activities like snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling or simply getting as close as possible and finding a beautiful spot to say your vows with the snow covered mountains and evergreen trees around you.

    Spring: “April showers bring May flowers,” so they saying goes! It is a good rule to follow but Colorado always has its own plans. Wild flower start popping up late June. If there is more rainfall before than it will start early and nature starts turning green and adding all the colors back after our winter.

    Summer: We are in full swing of warm days, possible afternoon showers that clear up. Colorful and vibrant, depending on the month and location you may or may not see wild flowers.

    Fall: The most popular season! This season books up so fast because of the green, yellow and orange hues of color everywhere. From the city to the mountains. Those Aspens bring in people from all around the world to peak at. Most days are warm and feel like summer but by mid October or a little sooner the foliage will start to fall to the forest ground. All depends on the cold snaps, wind & snow fall of your desired location.

    Privacy for Your Love Story:

      Escape the wedding circus and find your own slice of paradise. With vast landscapes and secret hideaways, your vows are shared intimately, focusing only on each other and the commitment you’re making.

      Venues as Unique as Your Love:

      Say goodbye to cookie-cutter venues. Colorado offers elopement-friendly spots, from mountain cabins to rustic barns. These places specialize in creating a personalized experience just as badass as your love story.

      Eloping is a Breeze:

      Planning a wedding? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Colorado’s got your back with elopement packages and vendors who know how to turn your intimate ceremony into an effortlessly cool celebration.

      Colorado Marriage Laws: The Real MVPs:

        Forget red tape and complicated paperwork. Colorado’s marriage laws keep it simple, so you can focus on the important stuff—like getting hitched with style.

        • You don’t need an officiant or witnesses if you don’t want to. That is all up to you! Want your dogs to sign your marriage license? Cool. No one is stopping you. We encourage it here!

        All you really need to do is pick a location and research the permits and regulations. From there you can add in any items you want from florals, officiant, cake and activities to make your day straight out of what you and your partner want it to be with your own custom budget.

        Cozy Cabins to Luxe Resorts:

        Extend your celebration in style with or without guests. You can rent an AirBnB and hold a micro wedding and sneak off to have a little photo adventure while everyone enjoys the views and accommodations. You can flip that timeline around and have your own private elopement and come back to your family and friends for a celebration that day or whenever it works best for you. Colorado’s got romantic accommodations for every taste, from snug cabins to high-end resorts. Because your post-elopement getaway should be as epic as your wedding day.

        Unforgettable AF:

        This isn’t just a wedding; it’s an experience. The blend of awe-inspiring landscapes, intimacy, and the sheer badassery of it all ensures your elopement becomes a memory etched in the annals of legendary love stories. Don’t let the wishes and wants of others determine your wedding day. This is about you, your love that you found. Be unapologetically yourself!

        Eloping in Colorado isn’t just about saying “I do”; it’s about saying it with a view, an adventure, and a helluva lot of style. It’s your chance to make your wedding as personal and memorable as the love that brought you here. Get ready for a Colorado elopement that’s as extraordinary as your love story! 🏔️💍✨

        Colorado mountain elopement at Brainard Lake

        February 3, 2024


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